SOPAT-Sonde für dynamische Bildanalyse

Image of a suspension
In January 2021 the institute MVTAT obtained a new measuring system for dynamic image analysis. The system of the company SOPAT employs endoscope technology, which enables the undisturbed in-line measurement of particle size- and shape distributions in challenging multiphase systems.

The probe SOPAT VI PI measures particles of size 3-350 µm. For each survey point multiple images are recorded in short time intervals. Afterwards the single particular phases are identified by dynamic image analysis. The information obtained from all images for a survey point is combined to obtain a statistically significant distribution of equivalent diameters. Good image quality is crucial for image-based measurement methods and a critical factor especially for systems with high particle concentrations or multiple phases. Different modes can be used to adjust the illumination to the process conditions and ensure a high image quality.

The application of the SOPAT system should give detailed insight into the formation and deposition of both agglomerates and heterocoagulates in foam ceramic filters. The research is carried out in the room temperature model system of the CRC 920 „ Multi-Functional Filters for Metal Melt Filtration “.

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Jan Nicklas