LUMiSpoc® for the determination of particle size distribution and particle concentration

LUMiSpoc and the obtained 2D plot of spherical silica particles
In April, the new LUMiSpoc®, a single particle analysis system, arrived at the institute MVTAT. The LUMiSpoc® of the company LUM GmbH has similarities to a flow cytometer and is used to determine the particle size distribution and the particle concentration.

By varying the flow velocities of the sheath and the sample flow, the sample jet size is adjusted and at the same time an alignment of the non-spherical particles should be achieved. The difficulty here is to find the optimal conditions for the investigated particle system. Both the sideward and the forward scattering of the particles are detected, using a laser with a wavelength of 409 nm. Particles in a size range from 40 nm to 8 µm can be measured, whereby these limits are material-dependent. A histogram is obtained from the sideward and forward scattering of the particles, which is then displayed in a 2D plot. An evaluation with the Mie theory is performed.

In future, the LUMiSpoc® will enable the multidimensional characterization of particles and will be used in the PP 2045 to investigate the multidimensional separation of particles.

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Prof. U. Peuker