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Student holding a globe
Ten students from three Eastern and South-eastern European countries are first-time participants of the new study programme Master of Science in Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Resources (ENTER) coordinated by TU Bergakademie Freiberg and EIT RawMaterials. … weiterlesen

The corona pandemic has also brought about far-reaching changes at the Institute MVTAT. Currently, courses are being taught in digital formats and research is in standby mode. The conferences and specialist group meetings have been cancelled. … weiterlesen

Student Paul Reitemeier sorting the shredded material
Lithium-ion batteries are now installed in almost all modern electrical appliances. So far, however, the recycling of the batteries is not optimal. In the joint project "InnoRec", the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and four partners are researching an energy- and material-efficient recycling approach. … weiterlesen

Gaphic of Dr. Hoangs PhD medal
On Wednesday December 18th 2019 Dr.-Ing. Hoang Duong successfully defended his PhD-thesis entitled „Flotation beneficiation in carbonate-rich and finely disseminated sedimentary phosphate ores in Vietnam“. … weiterlesen

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