Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering and Mineral Processing


metallic particles
FINEST project selected in the Helmholtz Association's sustainability challenge. Industrial processes are inevitably associated with the generation of fine-grained residues. These rarely find re-entry into the industrial value chain. … weiterlesen

LUMiSpoc and the obtained 2D plot of spherical silica particles
In April, the new LUMiSpoc®, a single particle analysis system, arrived at the institute MVTAT. The LUMiSpoc® of the company LUM GmbH has similarities to a flow cytometer and is used to determine the particle size distribution and the particle concentration. … weiterlesen

Image visualising the research of Dr.-Ing. Thanh Hai Pham
On Friday, January 29, Mr. Thanh Hai Pham successfully completed his doctorate on the topic of “Experimental Investigation on Crack Formation in Filter Cakes with Wide Particle Size Distribution”. … weiterlesen

Image of a suspension
In January 2021 the institute MVTAT obtained a new measuring system for dynamic image analysis. The system of the company SOPAT employs endoscope technology, which enables the undisturbed in-line measurement of particle size- and shape distributions in challenging multiphase systems. … weiterlesen

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