ITUN and ATNA at annual ProcessNet meeting on “Agglomeration and Bulk solids technology"

ITUN and ATNA at annual Meeting of ProcessNet division “Agglomeration and Bulk solids technology”

This year’s annual meeting of the ProcessNet subject division “Agglomeration and Bulk solids technology” took place at Nestlé Centre de recherches in Lausanne, Switzerland together with the subject division “Food technology” from March 5th until March 7th 2019.

The ITUN presented results of their current research projects in one poster and one presentation.

In her poster Katja Schaldach, M. Sc. presented different approaches for the material usage of agricultural waste materials like bagasse and rice straw by agglomeration which were achieved in the German-Vietnamese cooperation project BioMatUse. Today waste materials like bagasse or rice straw are burnt on the fields or brought to landfills without any further usage. In systematic investigations for products were developed using these waste materials such as briquettes or pellets for heating, soil improvers as well as formed coal and formed activated carbon. All products show comparable or better quality to commercial products.

Felix Stöhr, M. Sc. and Dr.-Ing. Franz Fehse presented results of briquetting tests with different feed stocks in laboratory scale and at the new ATNA briquetting press. The ATNA Industrial Solutions GmbH is a spin-off of the ITUN at TU Bergakademie Freiberg in the current EXIST research transfer project “EVA”. In laboratory-scale investigations the compression behaviour of wood chips, fermentation residues, brown coal and steel curls was determined. As a result of those investigations the parameter sets for maximisation of the briquette quality as well as important information for the design and the construction for the adaption of the new briquetting press to the various raw materials were achieved. In briquetting tests at the demonstrator of the new developed briquetting press it was proven that the scale up of the briquetting is possible from laboratory to demonstrator scale without any adaption of the briquetting parameters.