Boosting the material efficiency by using the waste material from the electric discharge machining (EDM) for additive manufacturing

In order to produce high quality products using additive manufacturing, it is necessary to use high quality raw materials, which due to the costly atomization process are very expensive. Such powders have a very homogeneous chemical composition, high sphericity and rather small size distribution.

Particles with rather similar geometrical characteristics as by-product, i.e., waste, are also produced during the widely used sink erosion process. These particles together with the dielectric fluid, mostly mineral oil derivatives, are disposed as erosion-waste, which is very cost-intensive as well.

In project Rec4AM, this erosion-waste will be processed in order to separate the metal powders from the dielectric fluid and prepare them for additive manufacturing (AM) process. The metal powders will be purified, dried, sieved and sorted so that they could be used in such AM processes as LBM, EBM, DMD and their quality would be comparable to that of primary product, i.e., AM powder produced by means of atomisation. A series of mechanical tests will be carried out in order to directly compare the quality of the parts produced from the recycled powders and from the commercially available ones. In this way, it should be possible to upscale the metal particles from erosion-waste and promote them as ecological and economical resources in the growing field of additive manufacturing.

Project partners
TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering and Mineral Processing (MVT/AT), Germany
TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute for Machine Elements, Engineering Design and Manufacturing (IMKF), Germany
BECKMANN-INSTITUT für Technologieentwicklung e.V., Germany

Project duration
03/2021 – 08/2023

The project was financed through the research union DECHEMA, Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V. and the AiF in the framework of program for supporting the industrial research Förderung der industriellen Gemeinschaftsforschung IGF (Project Nr. 19686 BG) by the state ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi) on the basis of the decision of the German Federal Parliament.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henning Zeidler

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henning Zeidler

Head of the professorship

Karl-Kegel-Bau, Agricolastr. 1, room 90

phone +49 3731 39 3066
fax +49 3731 39 3658
henning [dot] zeidleratimkf [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

Head of the professorship for Additive Manufacturing
Dr. Kristina Navickaite

Dr. Kristina Navickaite

Research associate

Karl-Kegel-Bau, Agricolastr. 1, room 92

phone +49 3731 39 3856
fax +49 3731 39 3658
kristina [dot] navickaiteatimkf [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

Project coordinator Rec4AM