In this area you will find an overview of our test stands and machines for research and teaching.

AM machinery

  • Concr3de Armadillo White (Binder Jetting)
  • ZCorporation ZPrinter 310 (Binder Jetting)
  • ZCorporation ZPrinter 310plus (Binder Jetting)
  • Suzhou RealFast Print Technology RF1001 (Binder Jetting)
  • DELTA WASP 40100 (LDM)
  • DELTA WASP 2040 turbo clay (LDM & FFF)
  • Stratasys Mojo (FDM)
  • Prusa i3MK3 MMU (FFF)
  • Custom built 1m³ printer (FFF)
  • RepRap 2K (FFF)
  • Envisiontec Perfactory III (DLP)
  • Elegoo Mars (DLP)
  • Aurora Labs Titanium Pro (LBM)
  • AMCM M290 copper (LBM)
  • Metrom PM1000/Gefertec (WAAM)
  • 1-axis welding test rig (WAAM)
  • Sinterit Lisa Pro (SLS)


  • 80kVA Plasma electrolytic polishing unit
  • 4kVA Plasma electrolytic polishing unit
  • BMF Twister automated particle blasting system
  • Jet-PeP robot assisted Plasma electrolytic polishing test rig


  • Digital Surf MountainsLab: surface analysis
  • Materialise Magics STL:editing/slicing system
  • Siemens TeamCenter: PLM system
  • Siemens NX: CAD system incl. AM post processor
  • IMC FAMOS:signal analysis software

Auxiliary equipment

  • Retsch vibration disc mill
  • Retsch powder sieving tower
  • Memmert inert gas drying cabinet
  • Memmert controlled climate cabinet
  • Nabertherm furnace
  • PASCO ME-8236 universal testing machine
  • 3Devo composer 450 filament extruder

Cutting machinery

  • Metrom PM1000: parallel kinematic milling tool
  • KLINK HSC120: 3-axis HSC milling tool
  • Traub TVC: 3-axis CNC milling tool
  • Isel 3-axis desktop milling tool
  • Knuth 3-axis training milling tool
  • Knuth small training CNC lathe
  • Spinner CNC lathe

Measurement equipment

  • Hexagon Tigo: 3-coordinate measurement machine
  • Faro: 3-coordinate touch probe arm
  • Mahr MarSurf CM explorer: confocal surface measurement system
  • Hommel-Etamic profilometer
  • Artec Spider 3D-Scanner
  • Einscan Pro+ 3D-Scanner
  • Casting form material analysis systems (shear/tension/compression/bending)
  • Micro hardness measurement system