Research Activities

The research activities of the chair of Fluid Dynamics and Turbomachinery are focused on the following research areas:

Bubbly and particle-laden flows

Within this research area, fundamental correlations of these flows are investigated, for example, the swarm behavior or the influence of swirl on bubbly or particle-laden flows in experiments and numerical simulations. The results obtained are then used to analyze complex bubbly and particle-laden flows in various technological applications, for example bubble columns in metallurgy or classifier flow in the processing technology.

Fluid machinery

Detailed analysis of the flow and temperature fields in complete fluid machines, i.e. also in the mechanical components, form the core of the activities in this research area. Corresponding accurate data are required in order to make the best use of innovative materials or bionic principles, for example. The projects that are located here are usually carried out in close cooperation with various application partners.

Granular fluid dynamics

The main aim of this research area is the development of continuum mechanical models for the description of dense, granular flow processes, such as flows with dominant granular material and secondary fluid phases. The models are typically obtained by micro-macro-transition from simulation results of the discrete element method DEM on the micro (particle) scale.

Emerging research fields

In addition to the three profound research fields, interdisciplinary projects are being worked on, for example, on biomedical flows that go beyond the classical research profile of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and thus open up new horizons for our scientific work.