completed projects

Fracture mechanics and integrity of components

  • Industry-sponsored: Analysis of strength behaviour during in-service welding of high-pressure gas pipelines considering influencing values on stress-related design of branch connections (Prof. Kuna)
  • Industrieauftrag: Numerische Untersuchungen zur thermomechanischen Ermüdung und Rissausbreitung (Prof. Kuna)

Mechanics of materials and damage mechanics

Smart materials and adaptive mechanical systems

  • ECEMP-Projekt: Self-diagnosis and self-regulation of multi-component materials (Prof. Kuna)
  • DFG-Projekt: Development of a sensor based on piezoelectric polymer layers for the in-situ measurement of stress intensity factors in fatigue crack growth (Prof. Kuna)
  • DFG-Projekt: Modelling of crack growth in piezoelectric materials with modern adaptive FE solution strategies (Prof. Kuna)

Numerical methods in mechanics

Miniaturised testing methods

  • DFG-projekt: Determination of strength and fracture toughness of ceramics by means of the small punch test (Prof. Kuna)
  • DFG-project: Determination of material properties of ductile and brittle failure with the small punch test (Prof. Kuna)