Start of a new project for exhaust gas treatment in CHP plants

At the beginning of this year, the joint project E-MinBHKW funded by the Sächsische AufbauBank (SAB) started to develop an aftertreatment system to minimize the emissions of micro and nano CHP plants.



These relatively small CHP units plants are powered by a combustion engine and designed for the local generation of electrical power and heat. Project partners are the Chair of Reaction Engineering at the IEC, Argomotive GmbH (Dresden) and Autotechnik GmbH (Johanngeorgenstadt).The objective is to simultaneously reduce the pollutants CO, HC, NOx and particles (4-way system). The innovative character is based in particular on the development of a catalytic deNOx technology, which is state of the art in the CHP classes under consideration, coupled with a particulate filter system. A major focus is the research, development and testing of the novel deNOx catalyst.

Further information can be found here.