Project DynMeth: Development of catalysts for dynamic CO2 methanation for the storage of volatile energy sources (Duration: 04/2016-03/2019)







Power-to-Gas (PtG) concept provides the long-term storage of the surplus electric energy from solar and wind power, by producing hydrogen via electrolysis of water. In a next step, the hydrogen is converted into methane using a suitable carbon dioxide source (e. g. biogas or power plant exhaust gas). After CO2 methanation, known as Sabatier reaction, the produced synthetic natural gas (SNG) is directly fed into the existing natural gas grid implying a promising route for the storage of hydrogen as an energy carrier. 


However, fluctuating availability of renewable energy sources is a major challenge within the PtG concept resulting in discontinuous hydrogen output from electrolysis. In this respect, it is favourable to operate the methanation reactor under dynamic conditions. Frequent load changes as well as periodical shutdown of the operation are expected scenarios within dynamic methanation concept.



Power-to-Gas concept and dynamic methanation

















Project DynMeth, aiming the realization of dynamic CO2 methanation with novel catalysts, comprises of two sub-projects employed by TUBAF and DBI-GTI, and is supported by European Regional Development Fund (EFRE). TUBAF focuses on the knowledge-based design and development of highly active, non-toxic, inexpensive and dynamically operable catalytic materials in order to substitute the conventional Ni-based methanation catalysts and increase the material efficiency. In a complementary manner, the project partner DBI-GTI is responsible for the development of a suitable plant and reactor concept. The project is planned to be finalized by carrying out dynamic CO2 methanation tests at the demonstrator plant of DBI-GTI, after scaling up of the novel, Ni-free methanation catalyst developed by TUBAF.