Research Activities of the Chair of Reaction Engineering

Development and optimisation of catalysts and chemical processes in the field of mass and energy conversion



  • Development and practical test of heterogeneous catalysts
  • Elucidation of reaction mechanisms and kinetic modelling of catalytic processes
  • Evaluation of relation of process control and product quality
  • Development of chemical processes
  • Reactor modelling and simulation of chemical processes
  • Physical-chemical characterisation of catalysts, feedstocks and reaction products


Research areas:


Rational catalyst designPikto Rationales Katalysatordesign


Exhaust gas catalysisPikto Abgaskatalyse


Fe based catalysisPikto Eisenbasierte Katalyse


Pikto Raffinerieprozesse und SynthesegaschemieRefinery processes


Pikto synthetische und biogene KraftstoffeSynthetic fuels