Professorship for Modeling of Thermochemical Conversion Processes

The development of new, sustainable technologies for the chemical or metallurgical industry, the computer-aided optimization of technical processes or the model-based evaluation of experiments - in each of these areas, modeling is an indispensable tool to accelerate development and work steps significantly and to test new concepts virtually on the computer.

The team of the professorship MTK at the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering develops the necessary models and uses them to calculate, test and optimize a wide variety of reactors and syntheses. The R&D activities cover the entire range of scales from chemically reacting single particles to the whole reactor and extend from fundamental research to technology development together with our partners from industry and business.

The courses offered by the professorship covers both the fundamentals of modeling chemically reactive flows and the practical application of the computational models. Based on current research topics from chemistry and metallurgy, model approaches, computational methods and strategies for process optimization are discussed and practiced in seminars.