Visiting Scientist with the Singapore Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment


Between October 2021 and February 2022, Dr. Roh Pin Lee was invited as visiting scientist to the Singapore Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) to provide input to support the nation’s decarbonization and zero waste efforts. During her stay, Dr. Lee shared her expertise and experiences on chemical recycling and sustainable waste management developments in Germany/Europe with MSE and its agencies namely the National Environmental Agency, PUB Singapore’s National Water Agency, and the Singapore Food Agency. Additionally, she initiated dialogues with diverse scientific and industry actors as well as associations active in the fields of waste management, recycling and chemical production to identify an overview of Singapore’s R&D developments and project depolyment for its zero waste transition. Rounding up her stay at MSE, Dr. Lee presented her insights to the Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Ms. Grace Fu as well as leading officers from MSE and the different agencies, and discussed the potential opportunities and challenges of diverse chemical recycling routes for Singapore’s sustainability transition.