NK2 Online Workshop "LCA & TEA for Chemical Recycling Technologies"

Präsentationsfolie zum workshop
NK2 network partners came together with experts of life cycle assessments for an online discussion about how specific challenges of life cycle (LCA) and techno-economic (TEA) assessments could be addressed in systemic evaluations of chemical recycling technologies.

On 22nd March 2022, the NK2 Workshop on LCA & TEA for Chemical Recycling Technologies took place as an online event. It brought together over 30 participants from the NK2 network with life cycle assessment practitioners/experts and other stakeholders for a critical discussion on the challenges which are faced in the assessment of emerging technologies in the form of chemical recycling.  

Presentations by Dominik Müller from QUANTIS on “The Narrative about Chemical Recycling – Key Messages” and Fabian Loske from Sphera  on “LCA of Chemical Recylcing – Methodology & Case Studies” provided participants with an overview of current LCA applications for chemical recycling in the industry. Both presenters also highlighted aspects of current studies where a lack of transparency and consistency hinder easy comparability between assessment of different chemical recycling technologies.

In their presentations, Florian Keller and Raoul Voss from the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering, TU Bergakademie Freiberg (IEC) presented recommendations for best practices which they have developed for LCA and TEA of chemical recycling. The recommendations are developed in a study funded by the European Climate Foundation. Goal is to address the shortcomings of current assessment methodologies with suggestions (including technology checklists) on how consistency, transparency and comparability of LCA & TEA for chemical recycling could be improved to support policy discussions and public dialogue. 

Concluding the session, the four presenters came together in a panel discussion moderated by Prof. Martin Gräbner – Director of IEC and the Fraunhofer IMWS Branch Lab “Circular Carbon Technologies” – on the opportunities and challenges, as well as the way forward for systemic evaluation of chemical recycling technologies.