Gasification India 2021

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From 25th to 26th November 2021, the Gasification India 2021 conference brought together diverse stakeholders from industry, science, politics and civic society for a discussion on the potential, opportunities and challenges for gasification.

A key focus is on how gasification – in enabling a wide range of carbon sources including coal, biomass and residual oils to be converted into environmentally-friendly chemicals and fuels – could contribute to reducing India’s dependence on imported oil for production and transportation, and enable it to become a leader in the battle against climate change. During the conference, Prof. Bernd Meyer and Dr. Roh Pin Lee from the Institute of Energy Process Engineering & Chemical Engineering, TU Bergakademie Freiberg shared insights and experiences on the development of gasification projects, focusing on addressing the associated industrial challenges and solutions. Specifically, they provided an overview of international developments in waste gasification and highlighted its development from coal gasification technologies. Drawing on experiences from pioneering demonstration of coal & waste gasification for chemical production in Germany, they also identified key technological challenges in the transition from Coal-to-X to Waste-to-X.

Agenda of Gasification India 2021