Who are we?

Institute for Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering

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Chair Energy Process Engineering (EVT)

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Chair Reaction Engineering (RT)

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  • Synthesis gas production from carbon-containing waste
    (e.g. plastic waste, wood waste, ocean waste, residue waste)
  • Development of thermo-chemical conversion technologies
    (i.e. pyrolysis and gasification)
  • Development of new value chains for the circular carbon economy
  • Process virtualization and optimization
  • Acceptance research, science and technical communication

  • Removal of pollutants from exhaust gases
  • Production of biofuels
  • Production of synthetic fuels from CO₂
  • Development and optimization of chemical processes
  • Catalyst research and development

Our Employees

Our international team with over 140 employees has access to a R&D infrastructure – from laboratory to pilot plants – that is unique in Europe.

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  • Process Engineers    
  • Chemists
  • Material Engineers    
  • Physicists
  • Mathematicians
  • Mechanical Engineers   
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Computer Scientists 
  • Metallurgists
  • Business Administrators
  • Psychologists
  • Laboratory Assistants  
  • Electricians
  • Technicians
  • Media Designers

Our Partners

We are working on innovative solutions for the carbon transition together with our international science and industry partners from the energy, chemical, metallurgy, automotive, engineering as well as waste management and recycling sectors.

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Contribution to the Carbon Transition 

From Lignite Research Institute to Innovation Center for Carbon Conversion Technologies

For 100 years, the provision of carbon-containing raw materials for chemical, metallurgical and energy industries has been the focus of R&D in Freiberg.
Today, the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg is one of the leading international centers for education and
research on circular carbon technologies. The institute’s location at Reiche Zeche possesses a
unique R&D infrastructure, innovative modelling and simulation tools, modern analytic equipment and large-scale pilot facilities. IEC’s research competences are extended in the last years to the field of catalysis, in particularly catalytic exhaust gas purification and synthesis of CO₂-neutral fuels.

In 2019 – the 100th year of its existence – the Fraunhofer IMWS Branch Office “Circular Carbon Technologies” is established at IEC in Freiberg.

Where do we want to go?

Technology and Innovation Center for the Circular Carbon Economy

  • International center of excellence for future-oriented key technologies for sustainable value creation
  • Pilot plant platform for pyrolysis and gasification
  • Independent Fraunhofer Institute for Hydrogen and Carbon Process Technology (IWKP)
  • Center for model-based process development and optimization
  • International network for the circular carbon economy
  • Public, political and market acceptance for the carbon transition

Next Generation Catalysis

  • Efficient catalysts and processes for purification of automotive and industrial exhaust gases
  • Chemical processes for the production of diesel fuel from vegetable oils and algae
  • Production of synthetic natural gas, gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and waxes from CO2
  • Fundamental understanding of catalytic reactions in the production of gaseous and liquid fuels and exhaust gas aftertreatment
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