Carbon Discovery Trail

What do your smartphone, your T-shirt and your pencil have in common? They all contain carbon! Come join us on our discovery trail to learn more about how this unique element affects our lives, our prosperity, and the environment.

Facts about Carbon

Carbon is astoundingly diverse. As a diamond it is the hardest natural material, while being colorless and translucent. As graphite on the other hand, carbon appears black and soft. And when it is combined with other elements, especially with hydrogen, the range of different properties grows even larger.

About 90% of all known chemical compounds contain carbon. All living organisms consist of organic carbon compounds. Plastics and fuels are compounds made of carbon and hydrogen. As a source of energy and heat, carbon is a valuable driver of development. Consequently, the element carbon is an irreplaceable pillar of our economy, society, and everyday lives.

Unfortunately, the industrial use of carbon also has a dark side. Human-caused emissions of greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) major players in the acceleration of climate change. Natural resources are becoming scarce. Plastics pollute our environment. And for these reasons we need to rethink the future use of carbon.

From the interactive info boards of our Carbon Discovery Trail you can learn ways to reduce CO2 emissions, produce “green” fuel, obtain new products from waste, and much more. Afterwards you can visit the large-scale test facilities used to research new technologies by taking a tour around our institute’s premises.

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Carbon Discovery Trail

Visit the trail, everyday from 08:00 to 20:00 o'clock.

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Opening of Carbon Discovery TrailThe trail has been opened 18th June 2020.


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