Additional certificate

Checking of the machineryEngineer for processing machines and systems engineering

The additional certificate has been developed in coordination with the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), which represents more than 3,200 member companies in the mechanical and systems engineering industry in Germany and Europe. It therefore opens the doors to many firms even far beyond the field of processing machines!

As part of the Bachelor, Master, or Diploma studies in mechanical engineering at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, the certificate can be awarded in addition to the degree “Master of Science (M.Sc.)” or “Dipl.-Ing.” by

  • choosing “Mineral Processing Machines” as your first major,
  • selecting “Mining and Special Civil Engineering Machines” as your second major, as well as
  • taking a few classes beyond the regular curriculum.

The following modules have to be taken in order to obtain the additional certificate:

Fundamentals of Mechanical Process Engineering4WS
Screening, Classifying and Blending Machines5WS
Sorting and Separating Machines5WS
Agglomeration Systems4WS
Materials Handling4WS
Dedusting Systems4SS
Processing Plants for Mineral Raw Materials4SS
Planning and Project of Process Plants3WS
Construction of Mining and Construction Machinery5WS
Mechanical Properties of Rocks
Mechanical Properties of Soils
3WS / SS
Project with Report11WS / SS
Master Thesis Mechanical Engineering30WS / SS

Recommendation for the assignment of the areas of specialization:

  • 1st specialization: Mineral Processing Machines (30 CP)
  • 2nd specialization: Mining and Special Civil Engineering Machines (8 CP)  
  • Materials Handling as a further engineering specialization module (4 CP)

All in all, in the case of the above-mentioned allocation, only modules amounting to 11 CP must be completed in addition to the regular curriculum.