Geomathematics and Geoinformatics Group

Integral Equations for Potential Fields

Geomathematics describes all aspects of geophysics, geosciences, or geoengineering that require the development of mathematical tools for the modeling of the underlying problem, the analysis of the model, or the numerical solution. In our group, we are particularly involved in the following topics:
  • potential field methods in (geo)magnetism and gravitation
  • inverse problems in geoscience
  • constructive approximation with spherical function systems


3D Model of the mineral microstructure of a complex ore
Geoinformatics puts a particular emphasis on the systematical processing of the available (geo)data. Among others, it researches modeling and visualization approaches for three-dimensional structures from micro- to macroscale as well as the development of mathematical methods, algorithms, data structures and software for handling the available data and models. We are particularly involved in the following topics:
  • deterministic and (geo)-statistical interpolation methods
  • handling and representation of complex 3D geometries
  • random fields and random geometries


A robot boat on the water
In the project "RoboBoatAssist" launched in January, researchers from Freiberg are developing artificial intelligence-based control techniques for robotic boats that enable safe, collision-free navigation even in difficult environments with unmapped obstructions above and below the water. … weiterlesen

Two young scientists at the measuring platform
The first test campaign of the ESF-funded RoBiMo project is currently underway. Young researchers are testing the current status of the robot-based water monitoring system on Saxon reservoirs and collecting data that will then be evaluated with a view to climate change development. … weiterlesen

E-Learning via smartphone. Foto: Crispin Mokry
Four initiatives at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg are now being supported as part of the Saxony-wide Digital Fellowship program. … weiterlesen

The students in the virtual projection room CAVE
From February 24th to 28th, the TU Bergakademie Freiberg will once again host the Spring Academy of Math. Besides insights into virtual reality in the innovative projection room CAVE, there will be a workshop on microcontroller programming again this year. … weiterlesen

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