Research and studies in the TU Bergakademie are based on the global demands of the 21th century – sustained, safe and economized extraction, provision and use of resources in shortage.

Research Profile of Professorship

The basic and applied research of the professorship in Mining – surface mining, embraces generally the following priorities:

  1. Mine Planning.
  2. Mining Technology.
  3. Mining Water Management.

Resulting from the above indicated priorities, we follow in the narrow sense:    

  • General mine planning
  • Claiming and legal approvals
  • Planning and development for surface mining
  • Environment protection and health and safety
  • Rehabilitation of contaminated sites
  • Reliable environmental of mining landscapes
  • Mine management
  • General technologies of surface mining
  • Blasting practice and engineering
  • Research of cutting force and resistance, engineering of rock cutting tools
  • Designing the machine systems and mining methods
  • Use of computers for planning and control in mining, virtual reality
  • General drainage systems
  • Hydrogeological research
  • Environment balance in mining
  • Special projects for promotion and development of the science in the branch of mining

The mentioned research tasks refer to all groups of raw materials, kinds of mineral deposits and mining technologies. In the narrow sense, the professorship is the cooperation partner for all similar disciplines in the branch of mining-surface mining of the Bergakademie.

Good scientific practice

Honesty has a top priority in the scientific activities. At the TU Bergakademie Freiberg the priority is given to the conscious handling of the scientific materials, and it is the guideline for the safe scientific practice, which was supported by a special accord of January 2, 2002

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