German-Russian Raw material Forum

Supply of Germany with raw materials is of priority significance. Herewith only some German companies take part internationally in exploration and extraction of raw materials. It causes the necessity of a certain strategy in politics and economy, with the aim to ensure the raw material safety of our countries, and reduce the dependence of importing them in the middle- and long-year term. The key for that is the development of the bilateral raw material partnership, which will ensure the export and import of raw materials for the benefit of our both countries. The raw material producers and importers are engaged in this connection into an intensive and well-structured international cooperation.

Germany is linked with the Russian Federation at the branch of science and techniques by a long-year stable relation. The aim of the German-Russian Raw Material Forum is to complement these relations by a further development of the German- Russian raw material partnership which serves to benefit of both countries within the Win-Win Situation. They plan to implement new initiatives for the raw material use, and the joint promotion of human capital and to implement some concrete busy and political initiatives.        

In the presence of the federal chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin, two most old mining schools of the world, the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and National University for Mineral Resources St. Petersburg, agreed on October 10, 2006, to establish “The permanent German-Russian Forum on use of raw materials”.

The aim of the German-Russian Raw Material Forum is the further development of the German-Russian partnership on raw materials and expansion of the scientific and economic relations.

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