Areas of tasks

The portable XBOOLE-library containss 108 functions of the following areas of tasks:

  • set operations
  • derivative operations of the Boolean differential calculus
  • operations to convert external into internal data and vice versa
  • operations to manipulate ternary matrices
  • test operations
  • operations to compute sets of variables
  • operations to query predicates
  • management operations for XBOOLE-objects
  • operations for the external storage of a XBOOLE-system as a file
  • management operations for the XBOOLE-box-system
  • operations of the XBOOLE-error-system


Questions about the XBOOLE-library can be ask by Email SU0158atstw [dot] de to Steinbeis Transfer-Center Logic Systems Chemnitz.


DokumentationFrank Dresig, Nico Kümmling, Bernd Steinbach, Jenz Wazel:
Programmieren mit XBOOLE.
Wissen­schaftliche Schriftenreihe der TU Chemnitz,
Heft 5/1992 (in German)

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