XBOOLE has been developed to solve Boolean problem of arbitrary areas efficiently.

  • The power and versatility of XBOOLE results form the properties of its implementation.

  • The core of XBOOLE is the portable XBOOLE-library that can be used in C-programs on many platforms.

  • The XBOOLE-monitor is a program e that provides the use of a large subset of XBOOLE-operations without the need to know of a programming language like C or C++. This "Boolean pocket calculator" can be downloaded for free and used on several platforms.

  • Fundamentals, concepts, and many applications of XBOOLE have been published in several books which are here ordered first with regard to the language (English on top and thereafter German) and second with regared to the year of publication (the newest first).
  • Numerous articles in journals, chapters in books, and contributions in proceedings have been published to present solutions about the a wide varity of Boolean problems; many of them can be downloades as pdf-file.