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This is already the 13th edition of the calendar Complex Beauties. On the front page of each month, we show the phase portrait of a complex function and the portrait of a mathematician whose work is connected with this function. On the back page we provide an exposition of the mathematical background. We try to make these explanations accessible to the general public in order to provide a glimpse of some topics from classical and modern mathematics. We also include biographical sketches of the mathematicians. Even without following the explanations, it is still possible to admire the images to get an impression of the magic of the world of mathematical structures.

This is the team behind the math calendar 2023: Elias Wegert, Gunter Semmler (Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg), Pamela Gorkin and Ulrich Daepp (Bucknell University).

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Complex Beauties in other languages

See the German version. The Russian translation will follow soon.

Book on complex analysis illustrated with phase portraits

Visual Complex Functions


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