Document Delivery Services

  • Interlibrary loan

We provide you media (books, paper copies or data storage devices) through Interlibrary loan from other libraries, provided that the required materials are not available in the University Library of Freiberg.

Please note that by submitting the interlibrary loan order you are legally obliged to pay the interlibrary loan free (EUR 1.50) and that you are not allowed to use the ordered copies for commercial purposes.

  • University-Internal Document Delivery Service

Professors and staff members of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg can use the are entitled to use the "University-Internal Document Delivery Service" to order journal articles or chapters from printed books they are in the stock of the University Library of Freiberg.

  • Document delivery via subito

External user can use subito to order materials from the stock of the Freiberg University Library. Subito deliveres directly to the address you specify, articles by e-mail, post or fax, and books by post.

Please note, that subito requires registration and will incur a free.

  • Processing time: 72 hours
  • Rush order: 24 hours
  • Costs: from 5 Euro