Research Data

General information

With its funding program "Information Infrastructures for Research Data", the DFG makes an important contribution the sustainable availability, processing and usability of research data.

In its Guidelines the DFG recommends archiving research data for at least ten years. The EU Guide to Open Research Data can be found here.

Where can I publish research data?

The joint repository for digital research data of the TU Dresden and the TU Bergakademie Freiberg OPARA (Open Access Repository and Archive) has been online since February 2018. It offers researchers at both institutions the opportunity to archive their digital research data and, optionally, to make them accessible to third parties under an open access license. The minimum guaranteed archiving period is ten years, regardless of the content of the archived data.

re3data.orgIn addition, there are also subject-specific repositories for research data. The portal of the TIB Hannover,,, gives you an overview.

Please direct questions, comments, etc. to the person in charge of Open Access at the Freiberg University Library, Frau Rau, or to the respective specialist librarians.