Facts & Figures

Please note: Due to the pandemic, the data for the 2020/2021 reporting years are only comparable with those of previous years to a limited extent.

General Information201920202021
Students of TU BAF4.0163.9823.662
Academic staff of the TU BAF379381255
Active users4.1313.7702.780
External users3.4553.6213.809
Opening days / year342268247
Opening hours / week969655
User workstations341339339
Building, equipment 
Computer workstations373232
Book inventory711.682700.942699.125
Digital total stocks
(without electronic magazines and newspapers)
Inventory no electronic journals (ongoing)338315295
Inventory electronic journals (ongoing)58.82759.20959.471
Expenditure, Financing 
Aquisition - expenditure1.215.4531.222.4711.955.585
Items borrowed155.187111.01476.508
Full display of journal articles246.426258.325255.625
Full display of digital single document387.666156.121212.059
Requests for information15.39812.668n.a.
Library visits214.39788.02026.122
User training / hours1407485
Participants in user training862537548
Interlibrary loan 
ILL orders - active3.7542.9003.162
ILL orders - passive8651.027483