DIN Standards and VDI Standards (by the The Association of German Engineers)

Perinorm is the browser-based management software for national, European and international standards as well as technical regulations.

Perinorm offers:

  • Research in 2 million standards worldwide, detailed and accurate
  • Access to all standard full texts in your company - also own company standards or other technical documents can be integrated
  • Quick addition to the full-text inventory by linking to online ordering and downloading documents
  • Standards management functions to support your work processes

Printed standards

Older issues are available at the Information Desk in the reading room (upper floor). They are for reference use and may only be copied by employees and students of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg for their own use.
The printed version of the standard collection was discontinued on 31.12.2004.

VDE Standards

DIN-VDE standards and drafts are available on the upper floor at the stand-alone workstation, in the database "VDE-Regelwerk".
Note: It is not possible to download or copy the full texts.

TGL standards

are technical quality and delivery specifications (formerly state standards of the GDR) and are available at the Information Desk in the reading room (upper floor).

Location map University LibraryLocations: Information Desk , Stand-Alone Workstation