Self-Check Terminal

Self-Check TerminalAt the self-check terminals on the first floor, you can borrow and return media by yourself. For borrowing the media from the open - access areas you need a PIN, which you can set up via your user account.

Please note the messages on the screen of the respective self-check terminal!

Borrowing media at the self-check terminal:

  • Apply your Library card to the card reader
  • Enter the PIN code
  • Validity of the Library card will be checked
  • Place the media to be recorded, with the spine downwards, one by one in the hollow
  • Titles of the borrowed media appear on the right side of the screen
  • Complete the loan process with the button "end lending"
  • Option to print a loan receipt
  • The button "Account Information" can be used to query the total number of borrowed media, any overdue media, the media ready for collection, the reservations and the fee status

Return of media at the self-check terminal:

  • Place the media, with the spine down, one at a time in the hollow
  • On the right side of the picture, the titles of the returned media appear
  • Complete the return process with the button "End return"
  • Option to print a return receipt

Please note that the return of interlibrary loans and pre-booked media will be rejected by the self-check terminals. Hand over these media as usual at the circulation desk or use our return box in front of the entrance door. For questions or problems with the self-check terminals, please contact the staff at the circulation desk.

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