There are 21 Internet workstations in the reading room for scientific research on the WWW.

The login takes place via the central user ID of the URZ or library login (user name: user number.ubf; password).

Use of the computer workstations and digital information offered by the University Library

  1. The University Library provides PC workstations with Internet access during their office hours.
  2. The same rules apply to the use of the Internet in the University Library as apply to the use of media, i. e. the offer is only for scientific, professional and continuing education and training purposes for the persons mentioned in § 2 of the User Regulations.
  3. The University Library is entitled to prevent the retrieval of services that violate the protection of minors and offenses (in particular trespassing, instructions on criminal offenses, violence, incitement, dissemination of pornographic writings).
  4. The University Library is not responsible for third-party content and information available on the Internet.
  5. Instructions for using the equipment, databases and internet services are provided. Copyright and license terms must be observed. It is prohibited to make changes to the system settings, network configurations and software.
  6. The University Library accepts no liability for any consequences arising out of users' activities on the Internet (for example, financial obligations resulting from orders placed, infringement of copyright, etc.).
  7. The University Library is not responsible for the quality, functionality or virus-free content of retrieved data. It assumes no liability for damages that may occur during the transport of this data.
  8. It is not permitted to make changes in the workstation and network configurations, to remedy technical faults on their own or to install programs from their own data carriers or from the network at the workstations.
  9. For violations and culpably caused damage by the user, the provisions of the user regulations apply accordingly.
  10. In addition to the Library Regulations, the relevant provisions of the University Computer Center apply.

By accepting the library card, the user accepts the provisions of the user regulations and these supplementary regulations.

Freiberg, 2 March 2017