Users owning a valid library card can freely rent carrels in the main library. They are available for students writing their final thesis or doctor thesis and are preferably given to students with children.

Registration and allocation

The registration and allocation of carrels takes place at the information desk on the library’s upper floor or by auskunftatub [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (e-Mail).

To apply for one of the carrels, you need to register until the 1st of March for the summer semester and until the 1st of September for the winter semester. Please show us an informal certificate of your tutor confirming that you are writing a thesis. You will be informed about the allocation by e-mail. The carrels are allocated for the period of one semester on the condition that you accept the regulations of the library, annex 2.

Standortkarte UniversitätsbibliothekLocations: Carrels , information desk