Vision and Mission

EURECA-PRO actively works on charting and designing the way to create a solid foundation for achieving its two-fold long-term 2040 vision:


To be the global educational core hub and interdisciplinary research and innovation leader in qualitative environmental and social framework development for sustainable consumption and production of goods. This will comprise technological, ecological, economic, societal and policy aspects and their transfer into society and industry. Staff and future graduates will have sustainable, interdisciplinary, intercultural and systemic thinking engrained in their natural way of operation, fostering a prosperous societal development and a healthy economy while at the same time relieving environmental pressures.

To effectively change the European Higher Education System to a more inclusive, borderless system which not only enables an envisioned academic freedom, free mobility, civic engagement, equal participation and transparent joint governance but allows for the development of shared fundamental philosophies, common values and solution-oriented approaches regarding social cohesion, responsible citizenship and humanhood as well as responsible systems design.