Motivation and Research Strategy

The work of the Institute of Electronic and Sensor Materials focuses on interface and surface chemistry of materials. A wide range of surfaces of different materials is researched. The university's own clean room is available for special work. It is operated jointly with the institutes of applied and experimental physics. The "Reiche Zeche" research and teaching mine is also used for experiments.

The core fields of application of functional materials determined by interfaces are information and communication technologies as well as energy, environmental and health-related applications. In particular, heterogeneous catalysis, chemical sensors, actuators, gas storage and separation, molecular electronics and functional surface coatings are of interest. The determination of structure-function relationships is fundamental for the development of such functional materials. To achieve this, the combination of intelligent chemical material synthesis, extensive material characterization and subsequent functional testing is necessary.

The correlation of all results gives us insight in the structure-function-relationships of the material and therefore strategies to develop materials with better performances.

Structure Function Relatioship

Selected Projects

Resistive Switching

  • Conventional flash memory:
    • Complex device
    • Long term data storage problematic
  • Option: resistive memory
    • Fast (< 100 ns)
    • Non-volatile (>10 years)
    • Simple and minaturisable
    • Reversible switching (>106 times rewritable)

Zeolite Membranes

  • Oil production
    • More than 150 billions m3 of natural gas were burned or released in the environment
    • State of the Art separation: Condensation at low temperatures
  • Option: Separation with a membrane
    • Simple and environmentally friendly

Nanoparticle Composites

  • Smelling / tasting
    • man-based
  • Option: Chemiresistors based on metal nanoparticle composites
    • Simple and low cost

Research Reports

Unfortunately these are only available in German.

  • Research Report ("Jahresbericht")  2009/2010 PDF-Dokument
  • Research Report ("Jahresbericht")  2007/2008 PDF-Dokument