History of the institute

Street view G.-Zeuner-Str. 3The increasing relevance of research into new materials for electronic components led to the establishment of a new study program "Electronic and Sensor Materials" (ESM) in 1999, which required Professor Thomas Mikolajick's appointment to the Chair of Electronics and Sensor Materials to reorganize the institute.

The institute of the same name was founded on March 1, 2007. Here, the first 38 students of the diploma degree course ESM got their official domicile after several years of interim solutions. With the introduction of the corresponding modularized master's program in the context of the Bologna Process, the first bachelor students were enrolled in the winter semester of 2010.

Since October 1, 2011, Professor Dr. Yvonne Joseph is director of the institute. Her teaching and research focuses on nanosensors, nanofluidics, and flexible devices, with an overall focus on chemical preparation and analysis.

With the revision of the study program new accents in teaching were set. The diploma and the master course "Nanotechnology" were introduced in 2014 and in 2017, respectively .

In 2018, biomaterials research at the institute was established by the formation of a biosensorics research group. The appointment of Professor Dr. Hermann Ehrlich has strengthened the institute's activities in the field of biomineralogy and extreme biomimetics.