The Institute of Electronics and Sensor Materials has extensive equipment. In addition, various investigations are carried out in cooperation.

The methods listed can all be used for contract measurements. More extensive research projects are also possible by agreement. Please address your inquiries directly to the responsible person or to Ms. U. Ballaschk.

Material Synthesis

  • Chemistry laboratory
    • Schlenk line
    • Glovebox
    • Rotary evaporator
    • Centrifuges
  • Plasma etcher
  • Grinding devices
    • Ball mill Pulverisette 4, (Fritsch)
    • Cutting mill Pulverisette 14, (Fritsch)
    • Automatic mortar grinder
    • Disc mill
  • Drying devices
    • Freeze-drying
    • Supercritical drying
    • Drying cabinets
  • Hydraulic stamping presses
  • Furnace technology
    • Muffle furnaces (up to 1200 °C)
    • Tube furnaces (up to 1750 °C)
    • Tube furnaces for different atmospheres
    • Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace (KCE, up to 2200 °C, 100 bar)

Coating Techniques

Material Characterisation

Electrical and Electrochemical Characterisation

Sensorics und separational Characterisation

  • Gasmischanlage for characterisation of gas sensing properties (Semiconductor device measurement equipment Keithley 2612, 7001, Agilent 4284A)
  • Liquid phase mixing facility for characterisation of gas sensing properties
  • Single gas facility for membrane characterisation
  • Flexible gas mixture facility for membrane characterisation