Technology Transfer

Our goal is to identify and transfer research results and innovations from the TU Bergakademie to the local economy and to strengthen Saxony's innovative and economic power by improving the networking of research, science and the local economy.

We create incentive mechanisms and exchange formats for facilitated interaction between SMEs, stakeholders and research institutions. Awareness of the existing scientific community is raised while providing opportunities for specialisation within the raw materials sector. Technology transfer makes it possible to increase the maturity of technologies (Technical Readiness Level - TRL) along the entire raw material value chain (exploration, extraction, processes, recycling, substitution and circular economy) and thus bring products to market.

Within the EIT RawMaterials Community, the Regional Center Freiberg (RCF) is very well networked and provides contact with numerous potential business partners and the opportunity to exchange information even at regular events, in which SMEs and start-ups like to present their own projects.

Example of a current technology transfer project: