Central Cleanroom Laboratory

AussenansichtThe Central Cleanroom Laboratory (ZRL) of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg is located in a separate building with three levels: at the lowest level consists of supply and disposal facilities, in the middle the laboratories with the special air management and in the upper level the equipment for air conditioning and -cleaning.

The filter technology ensures that impurities are removed immediately from the air. For this purpose, a low-turbulence displacement flow is used from top to bottom. With a multi-stage filtration and large air flow, cleanroom classes 5 to 7 [ISO EN DIN 14644 ], depending on the laboratory, where achieved at constant temperature and humidity. The ZRL has five cleanrooms of class ISO 5 (cl. 100 (FS 209)), one ISO 6 (1000) and two ISO 7 (10 000). In a clean room of class ISO 5 are not allowed more than 3500 particles greater than / equal to 500 nm in a cubic meter of air to be present, for larger particles / equal to 5000 nm, only 29. For this, high demands on the people who work there and the used materials and devices are demanded in terms of a minimum particle emission. To work in the so-called white area (class ISO 5) are allowed to perform only persons in full body protective clothing.