University City Freiberg

Logo_Stadt FreibergThe university city of Freiberg has given itself the motto "From silver to silicon". It represents the successful structural change of a city that owes its original prosperity to mining and is now regarded as a centre for renewable energies. Freiberg companies are also active in the field of recycling. Freiberg has become known worldwide as a location for the production of semi-finished silicon products for the solar industry as well as for further processing in microelectronics.

The Freiberg community has been gathering experience with materials for centuries. Originally, silver mining was the basis of the economy and development of what was once Saxony's most populous city. Today, it has shifted to high-tech products and semiconductor materials of the highest quality, such as electronic and solar silicon and gallium arsenide. The local companies Siltronic AG and Freiberger Compound Materials GmbH emerged from the successful privatisation of VEB Spurenmetalle.