Technologies for the peak oil period.
The mission of the initiative is to abide by our research key technologies in Germany to join national energy resource skills and contribute to the national energy and raw material supply security.

The German Centre for Energy Resources (DER) seeks to expand expertise in energy resource research and bring together all German knowledge in the field.

To expand and concentrate this knowledge, nearly 20 partners from the scientific and business communities are working together at DER on technologies for the peak oil period.

Along with the structural analysis of energy feedstock (Research Line I) and the development of innovative materials (Research Line II), this involves also the development of advanced third-generation gasification processes (Research Line III). To make cooperation between the partners as efficient as possible, management and organizational mechanisms for research alliances of this kind are also being studied and applied (Research Line IV). To pass on this knowledge at DER, planning is underway to establish a professional school. The structure and concept of this school are likewise being investigated and implemented step by step (Research Line V).

Considering the scale of this interdisciplinary cooperation between engineers and natural & social scientists, DER is a pioneering project with the goal of making a contribution to innovative, cutting-edge research in Germany.