German Centre for Energy Resources (DER)

The German Centre for Energy Resources Freiberg (DER) researches and develops advanced and sustainable concepts for material and material-energetic use of fossil and biogenic energy resources for the post-oil age.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) promotes the cross-organization, theme-oriented pooling of expertise at eastern German scientific bases with the program "Innovation Initiative for the New German Länder" (ProSIN). The German Centre for Energy Resources Freiberg was selected by a top-notch jury as one of the eleven cutting-edge research projects to receive a five-year research grant.

One of the program’s aims is to foster the innovative ability of the eastern German economy though competitive research and to enable cutting-edge research at eastern German scientific centers on an international level with – when possible – high practical applicability. Moreover, the program seeks to help build the profiles of the participating universities and develop and implement concepts for the promotion of young talents and for practically oriented training.


On the 27 of May in 2014 Prof. Nippa (UP) and Roh Pin Lee (UP & German Centre for Energy Resources) released the article "Zum Einfluss der Nuklearkatastrophe von Fukushima auf die Bewertung unterschiedlicher Energiequellen in Deutschland – Erkenntnisse aus einer empirischen Untersuchung". … weiterlesen

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