The new corona protection coordinator starts work

Corona Protection Coordinator Annett Wulkow Moreira da Silva
Annett Wulkow Moreira da Silva has been the central contact person for questions about pandemic management at TU Bergakademie Freiberg since the beginning of April.

The first major task of the new Corona Protection Coordinator is to work with the city of Freiberg to coordinate Corona vaccinations for university employees. “Since capacities in the municipal vaccination centre in the Glückauf sports hall are partially free, university employees - currently from priority groups one and two - can probably be offered a vaccination at irregular intervals. Anyone interested in vaccination can contact me at coronaschutzbeauftragteatzuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de, stating the prioritization group," explains the administrative employee.

Also, Annett Wulkow Moreira de Silva is currently focusing on ensuring the exchange of information on all topics related to the pandemic within the university. The central email address is also the right choice for questions related to the pandemic. "I answer the request directly or forward it to the right people," says Annett Wulkow da Silva Moreira. To this end, she is in close contact with university management, the occupational safety department, the relevant departments, the staff council and the Studentenwerk.

"My goal is to gradually establish and maintain contact with all interest groups that are concerned with the topic of Corona. In the current situation, we must all act carefully and responsibly. Only by complying with the AHA + L rules and restricting contacts in the professional and private sphere can we jointly contribute to containing the pandemic,” the coordinator pleads.

The art historian, who has been employed at the TU Bergakademie since 2007 was the Rector's assistant and continues to be the acting head of the university archive.

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