Student elections: Representations in the 6 faculty councils newly established

Students wearing a faculty shirt
Have a say in the university's committees, advise students on questions about their studies, shape campus life: The student representatives stand up for the interests of the students. In May, the student representatives were newly elected.

The election of the student representatives (FSRs) takes place once a year at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. At its constituent meeting at the beginning of the new legislative period, each student council sends up to 3 people to the university's student council, the overall representation of all students. Consequently, the student council is then also newly composed.

"The student council is the first point of contact for the students of the faculty and forms an important contact with the lecturers and the administration of the university," explains Fabian Kaulfuß, responsible for university policy in the student council. The FSRs are each made up of up to nine elected members. "All students can also participate as freelancers". The FSRs are responsible for introducing the first-semester students of the respective degree programmes, they organise individual counselling, exchange and various parties for the students. "Take advantage of these opportunities; just come by if you have any questions. It is also important to help out - unfortunately, it is a sad reality that seats in the FSRs and in the StuRa regularly remain unfilled because there are too few candidates," Fabian Kaulfuß appeals. On the other hand, the student council is pleased with the significant increase in voter turnout this year. At around 33 per cent, most students in the Faculty of Chemistry and Physics cast a ballot in 2022.

Commitment pays off

"Every member of the FSR has the opportunity to take on responsibility and freely shape an area of responsibility," says Fabian Kaulfuß, who himself was involved in the student council of Faculty 3 in the 2020/21 legislature. Accordingly, students in the student council benefit from contacts with teachers as well as student representatives at other universities and they gain insight into the organisation of the university. "The specific tasks of each person are distributed on a voluntary basis, so that each person can do what interests him or her and what he or she can devote time to," says the mining student.

The election results of the student representatives in the faculties can be found here.

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