Robot-based water monitoring system on measuring tour on selected waters throughout Saxony

Two young scientists at the measuring platform
The first test campaign of the ESF-funded RoBiMo project is currently underway. Young researchers are testing the current status of the robot-based water monitoring system on Saxon reservoirs and collecting data that will then be evaluated with a view to climate change development.

Together with computer scientists and scientific divers from the SDC, young researchers from the TU Bergakademie Freiberg are testing the status of the robot-based water monitoring system on selected waters throughout Saxony, and collect information on greenhouse gas exchange with the atmosphere, 3D subsurface mapping and water quality using a measuring platform, echo sounder and multi-parameter sensor measuring chain. The analysis of the collected data should, among other things, enable conclusions about regional climate change developments.

A total of five to six further campaigns for the subsequent development of the system are planned until the end of the project in December 2022.

About the RoBiMo project

The aim of RoBiMo is to optimize the current water monitoring system in terms of personnel and time. This is to be achieved with the help of autonomously moving platforms, which will be equipped with different technology depending on the purpose of use. In addition to a multibeam echo sounder for subsurface mapping, a multiparameter sensor measurement chain for three-dimensional recording of water quality and a system for investigating greenhouse gas exchange with the atmosphere, the young researchers are working with a microplastic filter.

Further information about the RoBiMo-project

Fragen beantwortet / Contact: 
Prof. Dr. Yvonne Joseph, Phone: +49 3731 39 2146; Sebastian Pose, Phone: +49 3731 39 3252
The robot-based water monitoring system on the Lohsa I reservoir
Lisa Jarosch and Gero Licht view the measurement data on the boat.
Lisa Jarosch with a sound profile probe.
Eric Röder during meteorological measurements on the Saidenbach dam.
Lisa Jarosch during the quick test water analysis.
Lisa Jarosch measuring the iron on land.