New initiatives of the Student Council: University garden and bicycle workshop open in spring

two students, one with a bike, talking to each other
Want to borrow a bicycle for the duration of your studies? Need help with repairs from the student run bicycle workshop? Fancy some gardening in the new university garden?

Students at TU Bergakademie Freiberg will be able to participate at two new student clubs from the summer semester onwards thanks to new initiatives by the student council (StuRa).

The newly founded bicycle club (AG Fahrrad) is led by student Jennifer Schwarz. She explains: "Students often bring bicycles to Freiberg, but don't always take them with them to their new place of residence when they move at the end of their studies. International students, on the other hand, often don't have their own bikes and are happy to accept donations or offers to borrow one. This is how the idea of a bicycle workshop on campus with a rental service came about."

The new student run bicycle workshop has found a home in a garage at the Julius Weißbach Building in Lampadiusstraße 4. StuRa expects that students will be able to have bicycle repairs carried out by volunteers or borrow tools there from the summer semester of 2022. "The idea is to breathe new life into discarded bicycles. Anyone who would like to volunteer in the bicycle workshop is very welcome," explains Jennifer Schwarz. In addition, the Fahrrad AG would like to offer a rental service in the future. "For a semester or longer, students can then borrow a bike for a low-cost fee," says the leader of the new bicycle club. Joint bicylce tours and other cycling activities are also planned in cooperation with the university's sports department. If you are interested in helping to organise these activities, please ag-fahrradatstura [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (contact) the group.

Gardening at the new student garden

Students who would like to try their hand at gardening have come to the right place: the newly founded AG Garten. The club has acquired a few square metres from the Regionalverband der Gartenfreunde Freiberg e.V. and the KGV Hohe Esse, which can be cultivated by students. Anybody interested can grow fruit or vegetables in the garden area and help designing the garden space. "We are happy to offer an alternative leisure activity with the new garden - for everyone who likes to be outside and wants to create a nice area for fun and recreation," says Maximilian Schwabe, head of the AG Garten. "Anyone who knows about soils, gardening or landscaping, or is looking for a balance to studying and working in the library and lab, is welcome." The AG Garten is an initiative of the student council and the AG Umwelt. ag-gartenatstura [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (Contact)