How you can help to shape your studies in Freiberg: 3 questions to Maximilian Schwabe

Maximilian Schwabe of student council
With the election of the departmental student committees in spring, the central student representation was also reconstituted. Maximilian Schwabe is now the new spokesman for the Student Council (StuRa) of TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

The StuRa started its work a few months ago with a new composition. How is it going now?

After the annual elections of the departmental student committees, the student representatives from each student council determine the members of the new StuRa. In this context, the StuRa appoints members to certain functions. I have been the new speaker since February and succeed Johanna Richter. The new chairman is Johannes Neidel; Fabian Kaulfuß and Oliver Heymer have been appointed as the new heads of the department for university policy and culture and sport. At the beginning of the legislative period, freelancers are also increasingly being sought for the StuRa. Everyone can contribute their strengths and interests and help shape student life in Freiberg, for example in the areas of public relations and event planning.

Structures and communication channels for cooperation between the StuRa and the university management as well as in the various bodies and committees of the university have already been established. The student representatives were able to continue the very trustful cooperation even in Corona times. As a StuRa we meet regularly - online or on-site - to discuss upcoming topics.

What goals does the StuRa have for the coming year?

In addition to constantly overcoming the challenges in connection with the pandemic, we have two main areas of focus: We are committed to more offers for students in the city of Freiberg and would like to integrate our international fellow students even better into student life. Our vision is an urban cultural and event offer that takes the interests of students into account and includes the student residents in local political decisions. To this end, we as StuRa are now taking part in the Freiberg citizens' dialogues, for example. This discussion format was launched by the town hall in response to an increasing division in society in the wake of the Corona crisis.

To better represent the interests of international students - and that is currently around 40 per cent of the total number of students - we also publish all information about the StuRa in English. We hope that this will also inspire those students who have come to Freiberg from other countries to join the StuRa. In addition, we would like the multicultural perspectives to enrich coexistence at the university and in the city even more. With new event formats, for example in cooperation with senior citizen facilities in the city, we want to enable encounters and stimulate exchange.

What impulses for studying in Freiberg does the StuRa take with it from the Corona crisis?

First, planning security is essential! In the interests of all students, we appreciate the fact that the university management provided early information about teaching and online exams this summer semester by email. About the upcoming winter semester, we would now like to have comprehensive information. Many students ask themselves: What form of teaching do I have to adapt to? Should I now plan to  move from my old nursery to Freiberg?

Second, presence is essential - for everyone, but especially for freshmen students! Learning and motivation for studying require an exchange. The exchange between teachers and students, in study groups and discussions at the shared flat. The StuRa, therefore, welcomes the university's vaccination offer as an important measure for more personal encounters on campus.

And third, creativity is essential! The university has proven that it can also be inventive. Both the StuRa as well as the working groups and other actors, such as university sports, have implemented new online events and thus ensured that university life could be carried a bit into the virtual space. Communication via the social media channels of the student representatives took on new forms. We would like to take this creativity with us from the Corona crisis!

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