Four new appointments in April

four new Professors
Professors Sebastian Aland, Marcus Waurick, Christian Kupsch and Martin Gräbner are now Professors of Numerical Mathematics (Faculty 1), Partial Differential Equations (Faculty 1), Measurement, Sensor and Embedded Systems (Faculty 4) and Energy Process Engineering (Faculty 4).

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Aland has moved from HTW Dresden to TU Bergakademie Freiberg. From 2017 he was Professor of Modeling/Smulation in Dresden. The mathematician combines methods from mathematics, physics and computer science to simulate complex biological, chemical and physical systems. He would now like to deepen the basics of modeling such systems with the help of the so-called phase-field method on moving geometries or surfaces. For his work at the university in Freiberg, he has also decided to build on possible applications of simulations in process engineering, metallurgy or biophysics. "In principle, we can simulate everything that flows, deforms or grows," says Aland. "I'm looking forward to finding exciting new fields of application for this in Freiberg." By taking over the Professorship of Numerical Mathematics, the 38-year-old succeeds Prof. Michael Eiermann.

Time-dependent partial differential equations

Mathematician Prof. Dr. Marcus Waurick previously represented the Professorship of Signal and Image Processing at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. On April 1 he takes over the Professorship of Partial Differential Equations: "In my team we deal with quantitative and qualitative aspects of time-dependent partial differential equations in mathematical physics." Also, the 36-year-old is committed to the internationalization of the university by presiding over the working group on the development of the new English-language master’s courses in mathematics.

Embedded systems for sensors and measurement technology

Junior Professor Dr.-Ing. Christian Kupsch will research and teach at the Institute of Electrical Engineering. He received his doctorate from the Professorship of Measurement and Sensor System Technology at TU Dresden and then worked as a postdoc in the field of ultrasonic measurement technology at the Institute of Solid State Electronics. The research area of the interdisciplinary junior professorship includes architecture, design and experimental validation of embedded systems for sensor and measurement technology. “My goal is to better understand complex technical processes through innovative embedded measurement technology, to optimize processes and consequently to conserve resources. A broad spectrum of methods from electrical engineering is required for the development of such measurement systems: from hardware, i.e. embedded systems and sensors, to signal processing and measurement system modeling," explains the junior professor. Jun.-Prof. Kupsch was appointed as the eighth and last tenure-track professor at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, funded by the federal and state governments.

New processes for the circular carbon economy

 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Gräbner will start at the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering in April and will be the successor to Prof. Bernd Meyer, who holds the Professorship of Energy Process Engineering. The alumnus of TU Bergakademie Freiberg has worked in the gas industry in recent years and brings his expertise in research and development of synthesis gas production for chemical applications and CO2 reduction in the fields of metal, cement and glass. "With the 'Green Deal' and the goal of achieving CO2 neutrality by 2050 a turning point for European industry is about to open up fascinating opportunities for scientific and technical innovations. The research of the professorship focuses on the research and development of low-carbon to carbon-neutral technologies for the energy, chemical and basic materials industries," says the new appointee.

Another new addition to Faculty 6

Dr. Steffen Hundt takes over from April 1 the representation of the Professorship of General Business Administration, esp. Resource Management, for the next two semesters. The economist has previously taught and researched at the University of Paderborn.