Celebrating student life - Studitage festival days from 4 to 8 July

view of legs walking around on a festival like ground
From concerts and jam sessions at the festival day to Zumba and Latin beats at Sports Day to new impulses for business networking and diversity. The TU Freiberg student council has organised a varied programme for students over five days.

Have a look at the full program for the StudiTage 2022 organized by the student council and supported by Studentenwerk Freiberg.

Event program as announced by the Studierendenrat:

Monday 4.7. "Festival Day”

Day Program (16:00 to 22:00):

The “Studitage” Days are here, let's celebrate the student life with a week of games, fun and maybe chocolate.

To kick things off, Band "Berggeschrey" will play for you, followed by an open jam session where we set the mood. In addition, various beer sports will keep you happy.

Furthermore, you will get your personalized stamp cards for the "Studitage Special" and with it the chance to get your personal certificate of completion for these days.

Evening program (from 22:00) "Joggin Pants” Party For the evening the EAC invites you to the “Joggin Pants” party, let's drink comfortably in the outfit Karl Lagerfeld hated the most.

Tuesday 5.7. "Sports Day”

Day Program (16:00 to 20:00):

It gets sweaty on the Mensa forecourt. Get around with the "AG Fahrrad", swing your hips with Latin beats and "Zumba Dance" or get fit for the summer with the "Bodytotal” Fitness Program!

Evening program (from 22:00) Cellar Area “Bingo”, Alte Mensa

After hard work and burned calories, let the evening end with isotonic cold drinks at the Cellar in the Alte Mensa.

Wednesday 6.7. "Business Day "

Day Program (16:00 to 22:00):

Today will be the chance to display business etiquettes in the EAC lawn. Various companies will engage through business networking and to further advise you. On the "red couch" you will have the opportunity to make plans and negotiate contracts. If you like, you can come to the "Business Day" in your professional attire.

Evening program (from 22:00):

Enough consulting and networking? Time for a drink or not yet! The drink prices fluctuate for the "Börsenparty” at the EAC. Here you get the drink deal of your life and become “Wolf of Burgstreet”. DJ Tekktonik plays the music and you speculate around the bet!

DJ: Tekktonik

Thursday 7.7. "Diversity Day"

Day Program (15:00 to 20:00):

It gets diverse in the silver city with diverse lectures:

15-16:00 Lecture "Exam Fear" at the EAC

16-17:00 Lecture from the University Computer Center on the topic "Social Media and their Responsibility" at Neue Mensa forecourt

17-18:00 Lecture with Vera about "The Queer Saxons" at Neue Mensa forecourt

Furthermore, Jochen Lessau from the University Sports Center and Pia Kindermann from the Psychosocial Service of the University will advise you on the topic of "Health Management". From 16:00 to 20:00 you will also have the opportunity to view the exhibition on the topic "There are no people like that here".

From 18:00 the "Indian evening" will start for you in the conference hall at the Alte Mensa.

Evening program (from 20:00):

From 20:00 the "Abgang" will open for you to enjoy beer and colorful drinks.

Friday, 8.7. “Final Day”

Day Program (17:00 to 20:00):

Having collected stamps all week you will finally get your Certificate. For this occasion there will of course be some festive live-music played by the „WoodnBrass Bigband“

Evening Program (from 22:00)

What would be a great week of „Studitage“ without the final party? The „Alte Mensa“ opens ist doors for ‚Partypeople and thirsty mouths. The DJs Ronny Taylor and DeSafe bring the best 80s and 90s music for you to enjoy. The motto oft he evening is „love is love“ so prepare your glitter and wash your rainbow-flags.

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