Affected by the pandemic? Student council offers support

Johanna Richter, board member student council
The student council has initiated a network to offer practical support to students in home quarantine. Volunteers will do the grocery shopping for those in need and deliver the goods to their doors. Contact if you need help.

The pandemic affects students in Freiberg and elsewhere – what are the main problems students are facing these days?

Board member Johanna Richter: Can I see my family living abroad for Christmas? Will all the teaching be remote or can I attend a lab in person? Can I keep my part-time-job to ensure funding? How can I stay in touch with fellow students or make new friends? Students and especially first-year-students have many questions in times like these.

Those who have been placed under quarantine are of course also concerned about how to manage their grocery shopping, for example. The student council is making every effort right now to support those affected by the pandemic. Together with the university and the faculties, we offer online-get-togethers to stay connected, tutorials for remote learning or general advice.

What will you be doing to help ensure good teaching practices during this semester?

Board member Johanna Richter: Every student should be able to successfully complete this semester. Therefore, the student council regularly discusses new developments and their effects on the students with the University Rectorate. To give you an example: We recently asked the university to supply further working spaces with a computer and internet connection on campus. Students should be able to follow an online-lecture from a suitable space on campus. We also want the quality of blended learning to be as high as the quality of in-person teaching. Thus, we are asking for a quality standard that will be controlled by evaluations and guidelines for hybrid teaching.

How can I receive or offer help during the pandemic within the newly established network?

Board member Johanna Richter: The initiatives main purpose is to support students who must quarantine and are not allowed to leave their accommodation. If you need help with your grocery shopping, have questions related to your studies and campus life during the hybrid semester or want to volunteer, send us an email to coronaatstura [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de.

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