Project Areas

Project Area A – Material Design and Production

The production and processing of the TRIP matrix composite were the focus of the subprojects in this area. The purposive adjustment of properties of the TRIP matrix composite as well as essential process steps for the technology of production and processing were investigated. The different material variants examined convinced with their excellent capacity for energy absorption as well as excellent strength in the case of quasi-static, cyclic or dynamic stress or rather good toughness.

The sub-projects of project area A can be found here.


Project Area B – Material Behavior

In this project area, the material behavior was investigated in an experimental and theoretical manner and the mechanical properties of the different variants of the TRIP matrix composite were comprehensively analyzed. Knowledge of the basics of reinforcement mechanisms has also been gained. The performance characteristics of the new materials have also been tested with the help of experiments under various application-relevant stresses..

The sub-projects of project area B can be found here.


Project Area C - Modeling

The sub-projects in this field contributed to a basic understanding of the observed phenomena and material properties by means of theoretical modeling, calculation, and simulation. The findings form the starting point for a purposive material design as well as the improvement of the manufacturing processes and the evaluation of material behavior under operational conditions..

The sub-projects of project area C can be found here.