SFB 799_Wedding_Steel+Ceramik


The unique "wedding" of steel and ceramics establishes a whole family of innovative composite materials. These TRIP matrix composites have been extensively researched within the Collaborative Research Center 799. This includes not only the design of materials, but also the technology for the production and processing of the materials. In addition, the material behavior was thoroughly investigated, and models were developed for a better understanding of the composite properties.

"Without new materials, new technologies are not possible. This has been the case since the beginning of mankind – the Stone Age, the Iron Age, the Bronze Age, these epochs are named after the corresponding dominant materials. This shows the importance of material development for human being, culture, and society. For these reasons, materials science and materials technology are a key to further development and are a hot and essential topic both today and in the future."

Quote from Prof. Dr. Horst Biermann

Prof. Biermann (links) & Prof. Aneziris (rechts)

Prof. Dr. Biermann (left) and Prof. Dr. Aneziris (right)